Why Choose Birchwood Vets?

We aren't the only vets in Warrington - so why choose us? Find out how we aim to be the best vet for you and your pet.

We understand that choosing a vets can be hard – your pet is a part of your family and you want the very best for them. At the end of the day, as Vets, Nurses and Veterinary Support Staff we all love pets and want to provide them with excellent health care. So when all vets are promising the same, how do you pick the right vet for you?

At Birchwood Vets we believe its the little things that really can make a big difference. We aim to make every pets experience at the vets a pleasant one for all involved and it’s with this is mind we have adopted our four key principles; Care, Communication, Time and Community.


Our team at Birchwood all have one thing in common - they entered the veterinary profession because they care about animals. Whether it be your pet, a stray or even their own pet they provide the same dedicated level of care and compassion to every animals' health and wellbeing.

In the community

We love to get involved – being a local, independent community vet is central to our ethos. We regularly get involved in all pet related aspects in the local community, from local small dogs shows, to school visits, career fairs and raising money for local charities.

Dog Shows

As part of our continued commitment to charitable causes, we run a Dogshow Roadshow. The Roadshow is available, free of charge, for local charities, community groups, schools and associations, and is a great way of raising funds.

We will:

  • Provide and set up a booking-in tent, complete with table and chairs
  • Provide and set up a dog show ring
  • Provide and set up a public address system - no electricity needed
  • Produce rosettes for each class, branded with your organisation’s logo and our logo
  • Give you goody bags for each class winner
  • Produce flyers for your event
  • Provide publicity in our magazine, newsletter, websites and social media pages.

We are limited to 20 roadshows per year on a first come, first served basis and subject to our availability.